Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rose Water read right!
Rose water!

It is so amazing you are going to be thanking me after this read!
Rose water, it is simply distilled water and rose condensation!
It's so simple but simple is always better!
You can buy (100% form NOT rose scented water) from a health store or scroll below and make some!

Now let's get into why I am even talking about this stuff...
Rose water has been used for years in food, cosmetics and for natural beauty!
I use it as my toner/facial wash!
In the morning I take some and add it to a cotton pad and "tone" or wash my face with it.
It feels awesome and does not not over dry or make your face super oily!
It smells amazing and keeps the pimples away.

I also put a cap full and a couple green tea bags to my bath water and it naturally soothes and detoxes the skin. I feel as if I am the only person who ALWAYS puts tea bags in their bath??? LOL
You can also add it to your facial masks for soft supple skin.

So why not try it?


PS. I HIGHLY recommend Cortas Rose Water from Amazon :)

Why not make it yourself?


2-3 quarts fresh roses or rose petals

Ice cubes or crushed ice

1. In the center of a large pot (the speckled blue canning pots are ideal) with an inverted lid (a rounded lid), place a fireplace brick. On top of the brick place the bowl. Put the roses in the pot; add enough flowers to reach the top of the brick. Pour in just enough water to cover the roses. The water should be just above the top of the brick.
2. Place the lid upside down on the pot. Turn on the stove and bring the water to a rolling boil, then lower heat to a slow steady simmer. As soon as the water begins to boil, toss two or three trays of ice cubes (or a bag of ice) on top of the lid.
3. You’ve now created a home still! As the water boils the steam rises, hits the top of the cold lid, and condenses. As it condenses it flows to the center of the lid and drops into the bowl. Every 20 minutes, quickly lift the lid and take out a tablespoon or two of the rose water. It’s time to stop when you have between a pint and a quart of water that smells and tastes strongly like roses.

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