Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

UPDATE: Philadelphia


Sorry for the LOOOOOONG absence but I have had so much happen in a year!
I left my partner (about a month ago), got picked up for modeling on the East Coast and I'm even dating now! See, lots of things.......so don't be mad :)
I am so ready for the East Coast style, night life and FOOD!

I really, really, REALLY like food.

I am still in the process of finding a job and an apartment IN the city.
It is super hard to do that from across the country.
My current Bae is also coming with me to start fresh and find some meaning to life.
Living in the country is just not our style.

Well, that's my update for now.
I will keep ya posted with my adventure!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How To: Leopard Print

I think leopard print is the most intimidating thing to wear!
Either you wear it or you don't!
Over the years I found myself drawn to that and zebra print for some reason.
I always thought I would never wear it!
Now I'm pretty sure I wear some (maybe just my panties) everyday!
I'm here to help the timid, secret "leopard lovers" out!

My fave way to incorporate leopard print is in a belt!

The leopard belt adds that something to every oufit!
Wear it with all black, bold colors or even a red for those sultry nights!
I currently have a cute leopard bow belt in my store that I am LOVING!!

The Leopard Shoe

The leopard shoe is also a great way to wear leopard without over doing it.
Wear it as a heel, flat or even a sweet sneaker!

Anyway you do it, have fun and rock it!
Attitude is EVERYTHING in ANY outfit!


Saturday, August 23, 2014

UPDATE: I Opened A Store!

Hey ladies!
How have all of you been?
Oh me...ya I just opened a damn store!!
Crazy huh???

Ya I have been with Poshmark and doing my online thing for a year and a half and thought to myself, hey I should just open a REAL store and sell my stuff to the town I'm in!

It has been awesome!!
I have been open almost 2 months and OMG it is so much fun!

Other than that, i will be blogging more often about "Boutique Owner" life and my dogs :)

Type at ya soon!


Saturday, March 22, 2014

ipsyMe & Pacifica

If you are a "Glam Bag" subscriber through ipsy then you know what ipsyMe is!
It is a NEW shopping experience in which one of their stylists finds a "beauty find" once a week for everyone AND she gets it for a discount! 
This last week was the first "beauty find" featuring Pacifica Natural Skincare.
You can find them in Target and other beauty stores!

I ordered the Hawaiian Ruby Guava set because I already own the Tuscan Blood Orange Body Cream (which I LOVE.) I made my purchase 3/18 &  received my goodies on 3/22!

I'm loving my set and the awesome packaging!

If you are interested in joining ipsyMe for this next Tuesday, LIKE them on Facebook!


Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Fashion 2014

Spring is really here!!
My bulbs have been making their way through the Nevada dirt for about a week.
Are you excited? Cuz I'm excited!

I am usually a fall person because of the warmer colors for fashion but I don't know what is going on with me? I am SO excited for Spring this year!
Pastels, neon, strappy sandals.....the list goes on for like ever!

So here are some awesome trends for you to try this Spring!

1. Pastels
Find this bag HERE.

Pastels are pretty much the definition of Spring!
Mint, yellow, and lavender and just so beautiful!
I personally hand-picked this lavender bag for my Poshmark closet.
As usual, mint will always be my FAVE pastel :)

2. Festival Style

Fun cut-offs, vintage tees & statement necklaces make this young style.
With the upcoming festivals like Coachella & EDC, it's all about being comfy and cool with a bit of flare.
The laid-back attitude is a commitment when trying out this style.
TIP: Try a fringe handbag or a braided up-do!

3. Florals, Florals, Florals
Find this dress at ASOS.

Florals are a given for spring but this spring it's either "go big or go home!"
HUGE floral prints are so in! They are super flirty and feminine yet edgy.
I'm digging this trend! I'm more of a dark floral person but hey, you never know this year!

So....what are your FAVES this Spring?
I know there are a ton more but those stuck out for me!

Happy Spring!!


PS. The top Spring wallflowers sign can be made!!
Find out how at ABeautifulMess.com

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Treasure Yourself" Book Review

So I heard about this book through a you-tuber and had to check it out!
This is Miranda Kerr's first book, which you can tell, out of two that speak on positive thinking and empowering yourself as a woman.
I am all about positive thinking and bettering yourself kind of books.
I used to be a HUGE reader of "The Secret."
Loved that book, loved that movie.
Talks about vision boards and positive thoughts seem to be getting really popular.
I see Mrs. Kerr is also a follower....her entire book is pretty much a re-edit of the book "The Secret" but how she applies it to her life.
I got to give her props for actually writing her OWN book and not excerpting that book.
Takes guts to get a lot of flack for that.

But on to the book.

I was excited to read some of her personal life (that I will not give away, cuz you will be in awe).
She is very down to earth and admits that she is blessed to have what she does, including her husband, son and little pup. She tells some short stories from her childhood and actually doesn't bitch that "oh my parents were mean" or "I never got to do anything as a teen" which I find refreshing for once from a celebrity.

This book is a great read. 
Only downfall is that the book is half book and half affirmation quotes.
But hey, I'm all about positive words to charge your mind! 

So pick it up!
Give it a read!
You can find this paperback for under $10 bucks HERE!