Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall Preview 2013

It has been TOO long since I've updated this thing!
I have been so busy this last month with super secret stuff..oh...and POSHING!
Ya....I'm still stuck on that!

My husband says it's an addiction!!
I'll put a link at the end if you don't know what this amazing APP is!!

Also, been working on looking into opening my own boutique here in Idaho!
I've been trying to get a feel on the culture & fashion with the lovely ladies of the Silver Valley.
It is VERY different from Arizona AND California!!!

So I've been doing that...
OH and if you have not checked out my ONLINE STORE - do it - like now!

Well on to this awesome blog titled "Fall Preview"



Leggings & sweaters & boots OH MY!!!
Fall is SOON approaching, so I decided to do a small "Look Book" for ya of some of my FAVE fall trends this year! 

And we're off...

Utility Is Key!
Utility jackets are awesome! Not only are they super stylish - they also have lots of pockets!
And what girl doesn't like more places to put crap in?!
Love. Love. Love.

How cute is a little houndstooth?
I LOVE this print so much I would wear it all over my body if I could!
Houndstooth print can be worn with anything. Add some color or even the print in a scarf!

Skulls Are Back!!
Okay...I like skulls now.
I wasn't a big fan the last couple years but I dunno...they've got a hold on me now!
I recently purchased this envelope clutch, skull sheer tank & a scarf!!
My oh my! In hearts!!

Loose Fitting Sweaters
YAY...being lazy is a style!!!
For reals girls, I wish it was chilly all year so I can be super trendy with this style!
I love the torn up looking knit sweaters like this one pictured :)

So what are your FAVE Fall 2013 trends?
Military? Leather? Plaid? 

Tell me!!


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