Thursday, January 10, 2013

Holiday VOXBOX 2012 Review

I was one of the lucky few to receive the Holiday VoXBox 2012! I was so excited to see that I qualified and could not wait to get it! We never really know what comes in our VoxBox's but some hints are dropped. This years Holiday VoxBox included products from Goody, KISS Nails, Montagne, Quaker, EBOOST & NYC! So let's get down to it...

Montagne Jeunesse Mask - Clean-Up Mud
This mask was so refreshing! It felt like actual mud! It went on and dried in no time. Sometimes with mud masks, they are difficult to remove. This one came off fast and I did'nt have to clean my whole bathroom afterwards!

Goody Quickstyle Brush
This brush I am a little on the fence about. It DOES cut my dry time almost in half but I feel as if it is ripping my hair out! Also, I have a very tender scalp and the bristles are way to stiff for me. Other than that, it does it's job!

EBOOST - Pink Lemonade Packet
I love that this product comes in packets so I can take it anywhere with me. I am a hoarder of things in my purse so this went right in. I needed more energy one day and didn't want to wait in line at my coffee house so I added this to a bottle of water and BAM....instant energy! Love it!!

Sole Society - $25 off coupon
SHOES!!! Yes, I love shoes but buying them online....I'm a little iffy on that. When I shop in stores I wear an 8-9! So I have no clue what size to order online! I checked out their site though and they have quite a few styles I would like to try, so I might just do it and order a pair! YOU get $25 OFF with offer code INFLUENSTER25 until 1/31/13. USE IT!!

KISS Nail Dress Stickers
OMG...these are so cool! I was so happy when I saw THESE in my box! I have them on my toes and they have stayed put for a week now! How did I ever live without them? Also, they are very affordable and easy to find. :)

Quaker Oatmeal Real Medleys
Love, love, love! I received the Apple Walnut Oatmeal and can not get enough! They are so convenient and good for you! Only downside, 290 calories!!! YIKES! But hey, fast breakfast - 300 calories isn't bad!

NYC Color Liquid Lipshine - Nude York City
I do not like lipgloss....I don't know why. This one was a surprise to me! I was gonna give it away but I just had to try it because it was nude :) What do I's pretty good! It's a really good nude! It's not sticky and stays put! So...I give it a thumbs up :)

Thank you to Influenster and all the brands above for giving me the opportunity to test your products :)

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