Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Look Book 2013

Hope everyone's falling nicely into the new year! I know I have! I've been working out everyday and eating so much better! 2013 is looking to be a promising year in fashion, music and beauty! Let's get started...


PRETTY LIGHTS - Colorado boys making sweet beats with a hip-hop vibe that is just so catchy!

LIGHTS - Her new album features dubstep and electric hooks that need to be heard!

IMAGINE DRAGONS - I predict they will blow up the airwaves this year for sure!

PASSION PIT - "Take A Walk" was only a start! Just wait and see 2013!

BIG GIGANTIC - Dubstep, synth and jazz tunes will rock your ears!


COLLARS - Collars are popping up everywhere! Charming Charlie's has a cool collection!

 PRINTS - Bold prints on jeans and dresses are back! I don't think they are going anywhere for now.

THICK CELEBS - Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, & Khloe Kardashian are rocking it!


CC Creams - BB Creams were all the rage last year. "BB Creams" are a mix of anti-aging, primer, foundation, SPF and moisturizer. A "CC Cream" is a color correcting cream that is a primer, brightener, foundation, moisturizer, SPF AND anti-aging cream! So if you have freckles or even acne scars, check this out!

DIY Gel Polish Manicure - You can find these kits everywhere now! It used to be that you had to go to the salon and pay $20+ for a gel polish manicure that lasts weeks! Drop into your local drugstore or beauty supply and for under $80 bucks you could have TONS of manicures in your future!!


The votes are in.....& the Fashionista's of the world say that Emerald is going to be the color of the year in 2013. I do agree. It is classic and has already been seen in the Sping 2013 fashion shows as a must-have color for 2013.

tay :)

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