Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Discount Sites - Reviewed

I spend A LOT of my time on discount sites searching for stuff I think I need! Groupon was the original (I think) that thought "hey, let's let EVERYONE know about the sweet sales in the area so they can save money!" SMART! Below are a few that I have purchased from and some I have not will see....

I have purchased a lot from this site. They seem to have pretty sweet deals all the time. Whenever I think I'm gonna dine out, I look them up first! I have purchased a movie package and even a kayaking trip for two last year....for HALF PRICE! It was so fun! I also love that they introduced the "Groupon Goods." You can find awesome prices for things such as towels, bedding, hair care, gifts and even magazine subscriptions! Click to sign up!

This site I was a little iffy about at first. It seemed they only offered vacations and expensive dance classes. As time wen on this site grew on me and is now one of my FAVE go-to sites for trying different eatery's in the area! The other day I actually bought a "Living Social" voucher for a 32 oz beer and 12 wings for $8 bucks! I mean, that is a steal! If you are more into local activities and local places, definitely check this site out!

Not a lot of people know about this one but it is pretty cool! If you are more into "goods" like electronics and home decor at 50-90% off and $1.95 shipping....this is the place! I got a couple gifts last Christmas from this site and I was surprised that, well, it wasn't crap! They always have AMAZING deals on TV's, cameras and even furniture! Right now they are having a laptop, home decor, electronics BLOW OUT! So go check it out just in time for Christmas!

Now this site just amazes me! If offers ridiculously LOW prices on high-end products such as designer shoes, clothes and accessories! I mean, they even stomp Marshall's and Nordstrom's Rack! They even offer beauty brands such as e.l.f., Urban Decay and NARS! I am so in LOVE with this's BAD!! Sign up and check out all the cute stuff that have going on!

Now this is a NEW site created by Amazon that is just awesome! It's pretty much the same set up as Hautelook but more affordable. I like that it has men, women and kids stuff to shop through. If you are a shoe FANATIC, this is the site for you! Right now they have a pair of Jason Wu shoes for $169!!!! Marked down from $850!!!! My gosh!!! So ya, you understand now LOL Sign up now!

So ya...take your pick! Sign up for a few and browse and believe will be addicted too!


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