Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dry Skin? Try these!

Dry skin SUCKS during the winter months. The air drys our your face and lips! Here are some products that are always found in my cabinet for these harsh winter months - and yes, it gets chilly in Arizona LOL :)
BEST night cream for dry skin ever! I swear by this and is a top recommendation out of my mouth. I use it during the winter to rid my skin of those pesky dry patches on my cheeks! You only have to use a little so it lasts all winter. Believe me, the FIRST time you wake up you will see and feel a HUGE difference.

I bought some Vitamin E oil (for face and body) from a local store and use it after a facial for intense moisturizing! It works wonders and I feel as if my fine lines are getting less noticeable. It's so funny what basic ingredients can do for you! You can find this kind of oil at your local Walgreens or even Walmart :)

Exfoliate your skin everyday with either a manual face brush or an electric brush. It takes off all that dry skin you get from the harsh winter air and helps it absorb your moisturizers better. You can find a manual face brush at your local drug store and even Ulta. I use the Clarisonic PLUS everyday and I have seen wonders in pore size and elasticity. I used to use a manual brush and it did about the same thing!



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