Saturday, August 27, 2011

Acne Problems??? - TRY THIS!!!

I have been getting quite a few requests on a good at-home remedy of acne.
Well, I'm no doctor but I do know some tricks that have worked on all sorts of acne including mine.

Steam With Sea Salt
I do this trick when I breakout out of nowhere!! The steam helps unclog your pores & the sea salt is said to act as a disinfectant towards the acne bacteria. Do this for 5-10 mins every other day before bedtime.
ps. start with a clean face! Good luck!

1. Add 1 cup of water to pot/pan/kettle
2. Stir in 2 TBS of sea salt (coarse or fine)
3. Heat until boiling.
4. Remove to another bowl or place pot on trivet.
Drape a towel over your head to trap steam. Place your face over the steam. If steam gets too hot, pull away & then give it another go! Follow up with your fave moisturizer!

Baking Soda Spot Treatment

I use this to help my pimples heal over night. Baking soda also is said to act as a disinfectant and it has always worked for me! Make sure to use fresh(er) baking soda to get the full effect :)

1. Add 1/2 TSP to a small dish.
2. Sprinkle some water to turn it into a paste.
3. With your index finger, add paste to affected pimple or area.
Do this at night so the baking soda can work its magic!
ps. I place a small band aid over the area to keep it on all night!

Try one (or both) of these tricks and post below your experience.
Coming soon: Mask for acne!!!


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