Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Carrot Scrub

This is an AWESOME Carrot Scrub that I've been using for years!
The Vitamin A in the carrots is also known as retinol and is found in many anti-aging products!
The healing properties in the raw honey help promote skin cell regeneration and reduce redness :)
The sugar acts as a natural exfoliant to help remove dead skin cells.

What You Will Need
  • 100% carrot juice - 1/8 Cup
  • raw honey - 1TBS
  • regular cane sugar - 1/4 Cup to 3/4 Cup
  • small container to store scrub in fridge :)

    1. pour juice into bowl
    2. add honey
    3. pour 1/4 cup of sugar
    4. stir well :)
    5. add more sugar until it becomes a paste!
    like this!!!
    pour into small container
    date for 2 weeks and store in the fridge :)
    start with a clean face & gently scrub!
    leave on for 5-10 mins
There you have it girls!!!
Have fun with this and use twice a week!!
Moisturize after, I like to do my scrub @ night so I can use a heavy night cream.
Store in the fridge and discard after 2 weeks :)


ps. COMING UP: natural blueberry mask :)


  1. Hmm, I never thought to use carrots for retinol – I'll have to try this! :] Are you an aesthetician?

  2. Nope, not an aesthetician. Just a girl who reads a lot and studies different ways to look beautiful!! :)