Thursday, November 8, 2012

October Beauty Box Reviews

I love reviews! Especially from REAL people! So what else would you like me to review? Have you seen a cool product on TV and are a little iffy on it? Comment below or on my FB PAGE what you would like a review on! Enjoy!

LiQWd SiLK Professional Deep Conditioning Treatment
I had high hopes for this stuff.....and it was a bomb! It smelled great but as soon as it hit my hand I knew it was crap! I mean, when you use a deep conditioner you expect thick, moisturizing product. This was way far from that! The packaging is cool but the product is not!

Mighty Leaf Tea Pouches
Now this was a little something extra in Birchbox which was prolly my FAVE part! It came in a variety 3-pack and every tea was just amazing. First I thought, what...a cool tea bag...c'mon it's just tea! But NO! It was so different and clean and crisp! Definitively gonna buy some of this!

If you want an amazing black cat is your liner! I had this in my vanity for awhile thinking about using it and I'm glad I busted it out before this review! If you are one, like me, who struggles with lining your eyes perfectly....this is it! It's SO black...I LOVE it!!! TIP: Put black shadow over it for a more wearable day look :) PS. Click the link above and enter "IPSY25" to get 25% off!!!

Now if you want to dabble in color but don't want to spend a TON on makeup or buy dollar store stuff....this is for you! I received a quad sample of a gold, dark goldish-brown, bright yellow and bright blue. The pigments in all of the colors are amazing. Something you would pay top-dollar for! I went on their website and found that their palates are really cheap!! PS. Enter the code "IPSY20" for 20% off!!

This lip balm is so awesome and so soothing! It's made with REAL goat's milk from a dairy in Texas! I have tried contacting this company for some samples or a coupon code for you guys but still nothing. It is my new FAVE brand! They also sell bath fizzes and lotions! Check them out!! Buy a lip balm! PS. I received the "Sugar Kisses" balm! Vanilla and sugar!!!

I feel like those lines between my eyebrows are getting deeper everyday! Furlesse makes these cool over night stickers to apply to your "elevens" and wake up to beautiful line-less skin! I received a 3-pack and use two so far! They work wonders!! They also offer "crows" and "rows" LOL


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