Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Fashion - How to be TRENDY without being trendy!

Well it's that time of year again, my FAVE season...FALL!!
I love the colors, the breezy autumn nights and the FASHION!!
Nudes, red lips, metallics and cozy sweaters are a go for this chilly weather!
Feather earrings, ankle booties and big handbags are only some of the fashions I've seen this fall.
I always get asked, "what should I wear?" I know Fashion week has come and went and now the malls and designer stores are filling with every fashion known to man!!
Believe me girls, I feel the same way sometimes! I see pictures of "this seasons look" and think to myself...."no way in HELL am I gonna wear THAT!!"
So here is a little "how-to" post on how to look fashion forward this fall with little effort :)

Ahhh....the infamous black tote!
It's a fun accessory that can be used all season long!
On the runway I have seen lots of black bags with gold hardware!
In my opinion, this is my FAVE thing to have!
This one to the left can be found at Target for $35 bucks!!

The LARGE belt is also coming back this season with fun prints and cool weaves that can make an outfit! Black with silver and gold embellishments are also fun to wear on a night out! I LOVE this brown belt that I personally wear with a black top or a black dress :)
This belt can be found at Forever 21 for $6 bucks!
They also have it in black :) is a STEAL!!!

Accessories are easy, fun and cheap!!
You could easily dress up skinny jeans, a black top & some ballet flats with a few bangles and a cute necklace like this one!
I found this scalloped chain necklace at Forever 21 for $7 bucks!
They have a lot of cute, fun accessories that wont break the bank!

Last but not least......the ballet flat!
Ballet flats are timeless and are an easy thing to slip on when running to the store or even running late!!!
This season, girls, ditch your black flats and slip on some animal print ballets to add some wow to your wardrobe!
These cute little things I found at Target for $13 bucks!
Mix it up!!!

Well I hope you enjoyed my little tid-bit on Fall Fashion 2011!!


I will be giving away the black & gold Scalloped Chain Necklace above to ONE lucky lady!!
Comment on this post with "enter me" and your FAVE fall fashion!!!
Good luck!! - winner will be chosen @ random September 25th :)


  1. Enter me!!

    I also have a question about boots in Arizona. When is it officially "boot season"? I see girls that wear boots in the summer (or when it's really hot) and I think it looks silly.

  2. Hmmm that's a tricky one. See I am so used to this heat that as soon as it reaches under 75 outside, I'm all for boots and sweaters!! And for the whole "boots in the summer" thing, girls.....if you are wearing Uggs with shorts and a tank, STOP IT!!! Put on some sandals and SAVE YOURSELF!! :)