Monday, June 24, 2013

Ugly Cuticles??

Do you just hate looking down at your nails & seeing those ugly, cracked & dry cuticles?
I HATE it!
It seriously makes me NOT want to do my nail!
I kinda look at them and think "I give up!"

Well not any more!
Here are some tips & DIY Home remedies for ya!

So bust out your polish and lets fix those fingers!

TIP #1
DIY Sugar Scrub
1/4 c of sugar
2 TBS of coconut or olive oil

Mix together & scrub those cuticles!
Use a nail brush for even better results.
Rinse and put on a heavy moisturizer!

TIP #2
The RIGHT moisturizer is key!
My FAVE is the Hands & Nail Cream from Caudalie!
It's a little pricey but do not fret...
LOOK for lotions with shea butter, olive oil, avocado oil or grape seed oil in it!
These oils penetrate (HA I typed penetrate) the skin better!

TIP #3

Drink it up!
It REALLY helps!
Drinking your daily water helps not only your cuticles but your hair, skin & lips!

Hope I helped!


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