Saturday, April 6, 2013

March 2013 (According to my phone)

March was a very busy month for me. 
My brother got married, I got sick, it was Easter, I dyed my hair like a MILLION times!
Seriously....almost a million....I'm surprised it hasn't fallen out!!!
I also did my A LOT!!!

So here is my month of March, in pictures :)

& you guessed it...MORE nails!
 Late birthday present from my Mom...killed it!!! < I suck!
Local coffee/tea shop - LOTS of jazz nights for us :)
Urgent Care!!!! But I got sweet "get well" gifts from my Love :)
My Bro & his beautiful NEW wife!!!
 Made Easter dinner - Grass-fed lamb burgers w/truffle mayo, feta & cheesy potatoes!!
Red & my NEW color - which I have no name for LOL

How was your March???


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