Thursday, February 7, 2013

HOW TO: Clip-In Extensions - WITH Video :)

I get complimented on my hair ALL THE TIME! But I do have a secret (OK not a secret anymore) about my long beautiful's not mine! Ya it's real but it's not MY real hair LOL. I have been using clip-in extensions since 2008 and don't think I will ever give em up! I love wearing them on my nights out or just because. When I moved to Arizona, everyone one freaked when I told them I had extensions! I guess it's just a Cali thing :) I think more ladies need to ease up on the topic of extensions. I mean...we wear push-up bras, fake nails, makeup, false eyelashes...etc! What's wrong with a little length for your hair?

Tell me what you think!

After you do this mini tutorial and info video I made! 



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