Thursday, February 21, 2013

AVON Review

So I received a ton of products to sample and tell you ladies about!
There were so many, that I'm not gonna do them all! You would be here forever....but...I do have some hits and misses for you to enjoy :) And remember...go check out Barb's AVON SITE to purchase any of these items...most of them are probably on SALE now!! 

 I will be having an AVON GIVEAWAY!!! Look out for my NEXT blog for info, prizes & how to enter

Ok..let's go...

OH EM GEE.....this cleanser was the best thing I received! I have a huge pore problem and this really did what it said! It says it makes pores look tighter...and it did! I bought two more because it is so awesome!
I HIGHLY recommend this to 25-45 year old's with a bit of sagging skin and fine lines!

Dark circles??? This product helped lighten them tremendously! 
I saw a difference in about 3 days! I have horrible dark circles so I was very pleased to have been given this to try! It's my new FAVE in eye cream! The kit above is going for $25 bucks with the cleanser and creams!! Snag it now!

Now the Soft & Sensual scent is amazing! I received the Original scent as well and did like the smell. It was very fresh - like OVER fresh. Not my kinda thing. I really want to try the naturals shower gels because of all the delicious scents AVON has in them!

There are so many amazing colors and they are really rich! I loved the color pay out on my lips. 
I have two FAVES...Crimson & Instant Mocha! When I run out I am SO picking more up!

I had to buy a ton more of these!! I am going to FOR SURE going to include one of these in my GIVEAWAY! I am so excited to have found these! The color or amazing and it dries so fast! I am very impatient with drying my nail color! I always seem to need something out of my purse right after I paint my nails LOL!

As you may know from my last blog/video, I was VERY excited to try this!
I do love the way it makes my skin feel but once again...I DO NOT like the scent!
I really wish they would make a different scent because I am IN LOVE with bath oil now! :)

I JUST used this TODAY and love it so much!! It smells so good and really scrubs that dead skin away!
I used it right before my self tanner and my tanner glided right on :)
They also have strawberry & chocolate ice cream scents!
Running out of this stuff will not be an option for me!

I have tried so many shine sprays and they usually leave my hair oily near my scalp. So I have steered clear of them for years. I tried this one and because of the alcohol, it doesn't make my hair oily! Love this for curly styles and will forever have it in my vanity :)


So there you have it...I cannot wait for my GIVEAWAY!!!
You girls are gonna be so excited for it I promise!!!
I even have a special something I threw in there for you!!


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