Thursday, August 2, 2012

Breaking Out & Don't Know Why? TRY THESE TIPS!!!

I feel like only the stars have the best skin on this planet!
Like no matter how much I wash my face, I always BREAK OUT!!
I started to try different things to make my breakouts go away and stay away!
Try them!!! They may work for you!!!

NUMBER 1: Wash your pillow cases WEEKLY!!!
I know most of us are guilty of not doing this! *raises hand*
By doing this, you are cleaning all that gunk and bacteria built up from your face, hair and even pets!!

NUMBER 2: Remove your makeup EVERY NIGHT!!!
I like to use an all-natural face wipe like the Yes To Tomatoes Blemish Clearing Facial Towelettes!
I LOVE anything from the Yes To brand! They have other wipes to remove the day like their Blueberry (Age Refresh), Carrots (Nourishing) & Cucumber (Soothing) lines!
I know I can be lazy sometimes so I keep them on my nightstand! :)

NUMBER 3: SIMPLE.....stop touching your face!! :)
Wonder why you're breaking out around your mouth and chin? This could be the factor!
Many of you sit at your desks, computer labs or even in front of your TV.......with your hand on your chin! I didn't even realize I do this all the time when I watch basketball LOL! The oils from your hands seep into your pores and cause that early morning chaos that is "the zit!" Try to be aware of where you place your hands and wash them more often!!

NUMBER 4: Wash your makeup brushes!
I bought a brush cleanser from my local beauty supply store (you can just use a mild dish soap or baby shampoo) and wash my brushes once a week! Every Sunday to be exact! There is so much gunk on your brushes!! I mean, c'mon, we use them everyday!! So put a note on your calendar "wash brushes"....your face will thank you! :)

Try those, tell me what works!
Hope I helped ya!


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