Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Miracle Hair Mask

Today I am letting you ladies in on a little secret to healthy-looking, shiny hair!
I have tried many "at-home" hair masks and just recently did I find this one which is so AMAZING that I had to share it!

It is very simple....3 ingredients!! 
You can thank me later :)

What you will need:
1 egg
1 TBS of milk
4-6 TBS of coconut oil (refined)

Melt down the coconut oil if it is in a solid. Do this by putting into your microwave for 5-10 seconds.
Add milk. Add egg and stir! Mix should be watery, that's what we want!
Use your hands and add to dry hair. I like to do it in sections (about 5) to make sure I get it all!!
If you have long hair...add more coconut oil!
Concentrate on tips of the hair. Massage into scalp and get ready to wait!
Put a plastic bag over your hair tightly to seal in the heat from your scalp. Pin it!
Leave in your hair for about 30-60 mins! The longer it stays, the better it works!

Rinse out. Shampoo and condition as usual!
My hair stays beautiful and shiny for about a week!
Do it once a week and there ya go.....AWESOME hair!!!


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