Monday, August 22, 2011

August Faves

Ulta Natural Finish Concealer
I love this concealer!! It covers and doesn't sit inside the fine lines and wrinkles all us girls have :) It's only $9 bucks and lasts for months!
Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Foundation
Maximum coverage is what I love about this product.
The thing about this foundation is that I can wear it during the day because it sets on my skin so well! It is a little pricey....okay.....A LOT pricey!!! But the price tag is worth it!
PS. It really does last 15 hours!!!

Ellie Goulding - Lights
I did a review on this album this month but I STILL have to tag this as an August Fave!!! It is so catchy to listen to and forget that it's been on repeat 5 times now!! LOL

MiO Water Enhancer
Ok, so I'm OBSESSED with this stuff!
I have EVERY flavor and use it everyday.
It helps me drink more water, which we all know is GOOD for you!!
My fave would probably have to be the Sweet Tea or Peach Tea.

Fresh & Easy
You will hear me talk about this place constantly!
I love it because the F&E brand does not have preservatives or any artificial flavors or additives. Amazing right! PLUS, they have an Eatwell brand that is not only GOOD for you, but it tastes yummy as well!
TIP: Check out your local paper for coupons!

Bare Escentuals - Feather Light Brush
When using my foundation, I ONLY use this brush.
I bought it on sale at Ulta for $10 bucks, so it was a STEAL!The way the brush is designed is perfect for a flawless application and helps you out when blending! LOVE IT!!!

Well, I hope you loved my TAG of August Faves!!
Now it's your turn!! I TAG you to leave a comment with your August Faves below :)


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